How Do I Know If I Am Consulting The Right Dentist?

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Knowing your dental hygiene is in the hands of a trusted dentist may be the most comforting feeling you will ever have. It reassures you of a quality treatment and puts you at ease, after all, it is a treatment that affects your face. There are many experienced and trustworthy dentists that will make your dental treatment a breeze and make you feel the most important patient they have. Then there are others that see you as a cash cow, and advice you treatment that isn’t going to straighten your jawline or brighten your smile.

Finding an orthodontist in Singapore is not difficult but finding a good orthodontist in Singapore is! First, let us talk about why is the profession of dentistry subject to fraud?

Dental Diagnosis Vulnerable to Fraud

  • Even if you have found a good orthodontist in Singapore, the subjective nature of diagnosis in the dental industry puts you at a risk since decisions involving dental treatment are often in grey area. You may come across different diagnosis from different dentists.
  • Understanding dental insurance often appears impossible. It is not similar to medical insurance, i.e. there is a maximum cover and dental treatment costs often surpass that limit. For example, clear braces cost Singapore is more than your insurance would pay off. In contrast, your medical insurance will pay off a percentage of your total medical bill. In the end, a dental treatment ends up being a budget buster.
  • There is a lack of oversight in dental treatments. The only people in the loop will be your dentist, the immediate staff and YOU, (who is NOT an expert). In contrast, diagnosis in a medical procedure is followed by several reviews from doctors to other specialists, nurses and other clinics.
  • Perverse incentives by insurers is another factor that pushes a patient to just one dentist, just because the insurance company is in a contract with that dental clinic to provide a steady supply of patients for a commission.

Hints You Are Consulting a Good Dentist in Singapore

  1. He / She will not impose his / her decisions on you by saying, “It’s URGENT”

The right dentist will explain you the diagnosis, laying out all options and recommending you some of them but not pressurizing you to go with one immediately.

  1. The dentist will not lay out a long pan to treat your entire jawline.

Remember… Visiting an orthodontist for the first time, he/she will not paint an ugly picture, urging you go for 2-3 root canals and 10-12 fillings. You know it is a red flag.

  1. He / She will never offer you deals that appear too good to be true!

A dental treatment, as everybody complains, eats up your entire budget, therefore if you are seeing some heavy discounts advertised at a dental clinic, you should immediately get the idea that they are just to lure you in. Clear braces cost in Singapore at a private hospital starts from $2900 or more, so if you see a lower price tag, it should ring the bells.

  1. He/she will not diagnose procedures that do not fall under your insurance.

Often dental insurance is specific about what type of treatments it will cover, apart from the insured limit. Therefore, if you are hearing too many un-insured diagnosis, you can immediately start looking for another dentist for a second confirmation.

The best tip is to always know your dental insurance policies, terms and conditions before you walk into a dental clinic. A good orthodontist in Singapore will help you in solving your dental problems by offering truthful advice instead of bogus diagnosis.

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