Is Affordable Invisalign Treatment Possible in Singapore?

Braces Instalment

The mere thought of going to a dentist scares the breadwinner of the family, since it literally burns a hole in your pocket. Most people will agree that it is easy to find an orthodontic clinic that provides braces instalment in Singapore, but it can be rather difficult to find an affordable dental treatment.

Dental hygiene is important but spending everything on a quality dental treatment is not practical. You need to be careful of whom you opt for and whether that dental clinic or dentist charges you for any follow-up appointments. While dental hygiene and root canals are some of the routine treatments that patients undergo, treatments to align and improve the dental structure like the Invisalign treatment often cost more and push people away.

Why do you need braces?

You do not want to open up your jaw to give a huge smile only to do the opposite effect by scaring people off with a disfigured dental structure. A smile is a very powerful tool. It attracts people and gives you confidence, but it can also keep people at a distance if there is problem with your teeth alignment.

Invisalign is a modern dental treatment designed to align your dental structure so that you can easily smile without a care in the world. Most people seek to beautify their smiles but they seek a clear braces system, otherwise known as ceramic braces in Singapore as well. which does not compromise their facial structure or flexibility. Most conventional orthodontic treatments result in big and unattractive braces that people are uncomfortable with but you are left with no alternatives because other dental treatments go well over your budget.

 Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is a clear braces treatment that minimizes the problems associated with regular braces, giving you a reason to smile more freely. The treatment involves clear plastic moulds that stick to your dental structure, making it almost impossible to figure out whether you are undergoing a treatment or not. If you have found your way to a good orthodontist in Singapore, you will find Invisalign at the top in their list of recommended treatments. Here’s a few reasons why people choose Invisalign treatment:

  • Fewer limitations to eating
  • Flossing and brushing teeth is a breeze.
  • It is more comfortable (no metal ties or installations)
  • Other will be unable to notice you are wearing braces (a win win for you!)
  • Fewer dentist visits

How much does it cost?

Though it can be a task finding an affordable Invisalign treatment in Singapore, but it is definitely not impossible. Invisalign braces costs in Singapore ranges between $2000 to $6000, but the price can hike up to $11,000 depending on the quality or your choice of the hospital. Some hospitals and clinics offer packages for Invisalign treatment which is a better option since these packages will cover everything from consultation fee to review visits and treatment records. You can even go for public hospitals if you are low on budget (starts from $2000).

Singapore is home to some of the most advanced medical and dental treatment centres, therefore you can be guaranteed quality treatment and services. However, you may want to consult more than one orthodontist and visit a few clinics to get an estimate of the rates for Invisalign braces before you settle down for the treatment. Just like the ceramic braces cost in Singapore, the price range for Invisalign braces will vary as well.

Invisalign treatment may not be an economical dental treatment, but it can be affordable as long as you seek the right orthodontic clinic.

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