Braces Cost & Instalment Plans

Most consumers tend to perceive braces as an unnecessary procedure that is simply for vanity and cosmetic reasons. For others, getting braces can simply be too costly a price to pay. However, with the availability of various instalments plans and pricing schemes, getting braces is no longer a luxury and instead, an affordable procedure that is beneficial to oral health that most of us can enjoy. So how much do braces cost exactly?

In general, braces in Singapore range from a starting point of $3,200 and can go all the way up to $11,000, depending on the severity of your teeth as well as the type of treatment method you have selected. Other factors that will affect the price of your treatment includes total treatment time, experience level of your doctor as well as any other dental surgeries or miscellaneous fees to be included in the overall fee.

The type of braces available in Singapore include the traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisalign – with metal braces being the cheapest option. Cheaper methods tend to be more visible while those that are cosmetically more pleasing, clear or “invisible” tend to be more expensive. Clear braces are often the best option for those who are looking to get a more aesthetically pleasing yet affordable option between metal braces and Invisalign.

A good rule of thumb in estimating the cost of your treatment is to understand that longer treatment periods will tend to cost more due to the monthly appointment bills that accumulate with each visit. In that sense, the high price of Invisalign will offset a little due to less interim visits as compared to metal braces. By maintaining good dental hygiene throughout your entire treatment period, you will also lower your chances of breaking your brackets, staining your teeth or increasing treatment times due to slow alignment – all of which can add to the cost of your braces. Always ensure you ask your orthodontist during the consultation phase for the estimated price of your treatment, including additional fees such as taxes so that you will be able to prepare and budget for your braces ahead of time.

Most orthodontists in Singapore offer flexible payment schemes and instalment plans to ensure that patients who need braces have the opportunity and ability to afford them. Initial down payments can start as low as $1,000, with patients paying about $450 every month thereafter. In addition, you may get subsidies for your braces if you have an employee insurance plan available. Most clinics also offer student schemes that allow students to comfortably pay for their treatment with ease.

Ultimately, you are not just paying for metal in your mouth but also your orthodontist’s experience and skills that often require extensive years of study and practical experience to master. As each individual case is unique, prices can vary depending on the factors mentioned above. However, getting braces is undoubtedly an investment that is well worth the money due to its confidence-boosting and health benefits that many can testify to.